Designer Bums Troubleshooting Tips

 Designer Bums Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips 

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  • You have just put a nice cloth new nappy on, only to find that it leaks a short time later? First thing to do is check your fit. This is the Number 1 reason for leaking, aside from the nappy being full and ready to be changed. If your inserts are saturated this means the nappy is full and you need to change more often or add in extra inserts to increase absorbency.

  • Designer Bums nappies are designed to last between 2-4 hours - if you have a particularly heavy wetter, it will probably be closer to 2 hours.  Designer Bums don't recommend leaving a nappy on baby during the day for more than 4 hours at a time as wet nappies against the skin can cause nappy rash and irritation. For hygiene and comfort, any daytime nappy should be changed at approximately 3 hours. 

  • Is the leg elastic in the groin crease? This is very important to create a firm leak-proof seal around the leg and bottom and one of the most common fitting mistakes resulting in leaks. When putting the nappy on baby, make sure that you have the front of the nappy on the right size setting.  There are three sizes to choose from. Snap the nappy right down at the front for smaller babies and move your way up through the sizes as baby grows.
  • The nappy needs to be firm around the tummy and legs so that you can run a finger around the elastic, but not too tight.  For a baby on the smallest size setting, you may only need to use the smallest insert.  For a larger baby, you will need both inserts. You will know when you need to start using both inserts because the nappy will start to soak through the one insert and it will be very full when you change baby.  When you reach this stage, it is time to use both inserts.

  • Take a look at your washing routine - Are you washing the nappies according to the instructions?
    Have a read back over and check the steps - Designer Bums Care and Washing Instructions

  • Are you using barrier creams?  If you are using barrier creams without a liner on the nappy, this will cause them to get a build-up of oil and zinc which can repel liquid and leak.  If you have been using the cream without a liner don't fret, it will wash out in a long hot wash with the full amount of detergent. 

  • If inserts are repelling and having build-up that is not washing out, a strip-wash may be required on the inserts only.

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Warranty Information

  • Prior to use please read the - Designer Bums Care and Washing Instructions

  • All Designer Bums nappies come with a 3 month warranty on workmanship and materials, which allows ample time for any manufacturing defects to become evident.

  • Leaking and fit issues are not manufacturing faults as Designer Bums nappies are OSFM (one size fits most) and may have periods where the fit changes on the growing child from birth to toilet training.

  • Please follow the above troubleshooting steps if you are experiencing leaking or fitting issues and keep in mind that the vast majority of leaking issues can be resolved very easily with fitting, washing and insert adjustments. If laundered and cared for following the Designer Bums washing instructions, you will maximise the lifespan of the products.

  • The user must care and wash the Designer Bums products according to their instructions. If the nappies are coated in zinc or petroleum based barrier creams, soaked in chemicals of any sort, bleached or placed under high temperatures when washing or drying over 60 degrees Celsius (140 F) or tumble drying cotton shells or spinning shells in the washing machine over 800RPM the warranty is immediately void.

  • The warranty covers faults that are applicable to manufacture; such as stitching, elastics, and the correct and functioning snaps on the nappy.

  • Damage to a product such as ripping, tearing or snagging of the fabric, opening the snaps too forcefully resulting in tearing the materials, cracking a KAM snap or other damage sustained from improper use will not be covered under warranty. Fading and piling of fabrics is normal over time and considered regular use, this is not covered by warranty.

  • Designer Bums uses unique printed fabrics that are created by designer artists. Prints may appear slightly different to the pictures. The direction of print placement may vary from product to product depending on the shape, width and size of how the fabric arrives when purchased by metre and how the pattern is cut from the fabric - This is not a manufacturing fault and adds to the unique personality of each individual product.