Designer Bums Care and Washing Instructions

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Care and Washing Instructions 


  1. Before washing, gently unsnap all inserts and separate parts to avoid tearing fabrics - genuine KAM snaps are very strong

  2. DRY PAIL - Place any solids into the toilet and give the shells and inserts a quick rinse under the laundry tap to dilute residue and then store nappies in a dry-pail between washes. This will prolong the lifespan of fabrics, and help to avoid mould, ammonia and waste build up in the nappies, plus limit smells. Do not leave longer than 2-3 days particularly in hot climates or summer.

  3. PRE-RINSE - Once you have a load ready to wash, run a short cycle prior to the main wash with a half amount of detergent. This helps to remove heavy soil and prohibit build-up. Using a cycle that drains the dirty water away before the main wash is best.

  4. MAIN WASH - Wash nappies every second day using the FULL amount recommended of a good quality regular, sensitive or plant-based washing powder for your load size (without fabric softeners or bleaches). Simply run a 'heavy or long' (max 60 degrees) to get nappies thoroughly clean, sanitary, free of build-up and smelling fresh each wash. We recommend using double the amount for plant based detergents when washing nappies for best cleaning results.

  5. DRY - AIR or LOW ONLY Tumble Dry for Shells - Use caution if tumble drying shells, high temperatures can delaminate the waterproof outer and void your warranty.Inserts can be dried at any temperature and are less ridged after a tumble dry.

  6. NEW NAPPIES only require a short rinse cycle with a small amount of detergent and when dry can be used. The premium custom-milled bamboo is so absorbent it works right away but will continue to increase in absorbency even more.


  • Do not exceed spin speed of 800RPM when washing shells, as this may damage and stretch the elastics.

  • Do not run nappy shells through a hot wash over 60 degrees as this can damage the PUL waterproof layer and will void your warranty.
  • Barrier creams are fine to use but will require a warm to hot wash to remove oil and zinc residue that will impact absorbency. Designer Bums recommend using a liner with these nappy creams.

  • To avoid damaging or fading fabrics, do not soak in chemicals or bleaches

  • If your baby has particularly sensitive skin, Designer Bums recommend running an optional short, final rinse to ensure all detergents are washed away and consider using a sensitive or plant based laundry detergent 

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