Babywearing Consultant

babyshop has babywearing consultants available in our Adamstown store, to provide fittings, education and support for babywearing in the Newcastle area.

babyshop is proud to be affiliated with the following babywearing associations, as part of our professional development, having completed training and certification. We are dedicated to introducing Novocastrian parents and caregivers to the benefits of safe babywearing.


Rob, is a trained and certified babywearing consultant with the Center for Babywearing Studies (CBWS) in the United State
s, as well as training with Die Trageschule in Dresden, Germany.

The Center for Babywearing Studies (CBWS) provides professional training specifically designed to create a well-rounded babywearing consultant, with the best proven methods of babywearing.

Certified Babywearing Consultants have been trained to provide fittings, education and support for safe babywearing, to help make a positive impact on families.

Rob can help to explain the benefits of different types of slings and baby carriers, and advise the best options available for the individual needs of both the parent and baby.

Rob can also provide advice on how slings and carriers should be worn safely, taking into account the effects of pregnancy and birth, as well as the development of baby’s hips and spine, to ensure the health and wellbeing of both parent and child.

Alisa is an approved babywearing consultant by the Babywearing School Australia.

The Babywearing School Australia - Trageschule Australia is an educator for babywearing in Australia, and offer courses for babywearing professionals,
including certification courses.

Their mission is to train and certify babywearing consultants to provide education in babywearing based on the newest medical and behavioural science research.

babyshop has a large range of soft structured carriers, stretch and woven wraps, mei-tais and ring slings which you can ‘test drive’ in store. Our weighted dolls allow you to try each carrier and ensure minimal disruption to your child as you narrow down your choices, before trying your own baby for comfort and adjustment.