Bare and Boho Troubleshooting Tips


  1. Snap Insert in to lining of shell or for added absorbency, Snap booster in first, then snap Insert on top
  2. Lay baby on open shell, with back of nappy sitting 1-2cm above bottom crack
  3. Pull front panel up high on belly so sitting comfortably below belly button.
  4. Bring side waist tabs up and around baby for a snug fit. Extra hip snap is optional on larger babies - leave unsnapped for chunky thighs.
  5. Adjust leg elastics via snap-rise, situated groin panel on front of shell.
  6. Adjusting Snap-rise: Connect groin snaps upwards to shorten front panel, ensuring snug fit around thighs. Push excess fabric in between groin snaps upwards to tuck in neatly.
  7. Run a finger along the inside of the shell gussets and pull out both shell and Insert gussets to ensure insert sits flat
  8. Tuck shell gusset elastic back in to baby’s underwear line
  9. Ensure no gaps around back or thighs, and two fingers width in between front panel and baby’s tummy so there is some space for when baby is sitting up
  10. Nappy shell is a wide fit to offer room to grow and allow for boosting space. Please email us your fit photos if you would like us to assess areas of uncertainty.


There are two options to allow for custom shaping and fit - 

1. Groin Snap-Rise System - 4 x size settings allowing parents to customise to a longer/shorter nappy and to provide a custom fit around thighs.  (These snaps are situated in the lower section of the front of the nappy shell.) 

2. Waist-Size System - Double row of snaps situated at the top of the front of the nappy shell, to allow for a personalised fit to a baby's waist size. Overlapping closure feature also available. 

If baby shows deep red indentations on legs that do not go away quickly 
If baby shows deep red indentations at the top of the thighs from the wings 
If the front of the nappy is being pulled down and gapes 
If the nappy is saggy, then go with a smaller snap rise 

Have a couple of shells snapped on different rises so you can try on rotation which fits best, then change all to match that one. 
Once snap-rise is changed, you may need to also change waist snap sizing 
Ensure the back of the nappy is 1-2cm above the top of baby's bottom crack to ensure the fit is suitable 
Ensure to check if there are leg gaps 
Don't worry if your chunky baby may already be on the largest size, as generally they slim down once they begin walking