Bare and Boho Care and Washing Instructions


  1. Shake/Use toilet paper to scrape solid waste off inserts.
  2. Hand rinse soiled insert under laundry tap to remove excess waste.
  3. Squeeze water out, then place in the dry bucket with airflow, until ready to wash. For heavily soiled inserts, use soap bar such as “Tuff Stuff” to agitate stains before they set.
  4. Reusable/disposable liners: Shake waste off reusable fleece liner into toilet and place in dry bucket until washing OR Place disposable liner in your garbage.
  5. Washing Day: Every 24-48 hours, unload bucket contents in to washing machine.
  6. 30-45 Min Rinse Cycle: Max 30 degrees, Removes excess soiling prior to main wash (1/2 dose recommended detergent for your machine). Use rinse cycle that removes the dirty water.
  7. Ensure removal of PUL items such as nappy shells once complete before Main wash if opting for HOT wash (60 degrees). These can be shade-dried.
  8. 1-2 Hr Long Heavy Cycle: Max 60 degrees. Use recommended dosage of detergent for your load size. Double dosage if choosing to use an eco/Plant Based detergent.
  9. Recommended: Add general household laundry to this phase of the wash if not washing enough nappies to fill 2/3 of the machine when wet.
  10. Drying Inserts/Boosters: Drying in direct sunlight or air dry is recommended. Tumble-dry on Delicate setting only.
  11. Drying Shells: Shade dry only with patterned side facing upwards. Do not tumble-dry or dry in direct sunlight any products containing PUL as this can damage shells and void warranty.
  12. Recommended Detergents: Natural (double dose)Eco Store Laundry Powder, Kin Kin Naturals. Commercial (regular dose) Omo Ultimate Powder, Biozet Attack, Radiant Laundry Liquid



  • Inserts consisting of natural fibres require pre-washing to increase absorbency and allow the fibres to release any natural oils.
  • PRE-WASHING: Wash inserts regular cycle (Cold/Max 60 degrees) 2 - 5 times. (Detergent needed for first cycle only). Don’t dry in between washes. Once washed, remove from machine and stretch all inserts to maximum shape- pulling out ends and pulling out gusset flaps. Allow to completely dry before ready for use.
  • Shrinkage: Sight shrinkage with the natural fibre inserts may occur, however they will shrink to correct length needed for the shell snap sockets. Once washed, remove inserts from machine and stretch all inserts to maximum shape- pulling out ends and pulling out gusset flaps. To avoid excess shrinkage, avoid tumble-drying unless for a final dry on lowest setting and low spin.


  • Industry standards recommend avoiding highly perfumed or acidic detergents containing citrus or phosphates.
  • Do not use any detergents containing fabric softeners, optical brighteners or chlorine bleach as these can break down natural fibres or can leave residue on the insert and reduce absorption. Using these products will void your warranty.
  • Do not use nappy balms or creams containing zinc or petroleum unless using a reusable/disposable liner, as these balms will result in residue sticking to the inserts and will reduce absorption.
  • Long-term use of higher temperatures above 30 degrees for PUL can decrease lifespan and will void your warranty.
  • Line hanging: Avoid too much stress on the leg elastics when drying the shell. Recommended is draping the nappy shell horizontally over the line.