Baby Beehinds Care and Washing Instructions


Care and Washing Instructions 

  1. Flush solids into the toilet

    Optional - give the nappy a quick hand rinse to remove any excess urine to minimise smells and stains 

  2. Place nappy in a dry bucket, large wet bag or similar container until ready to wash - no soaking in water

  3. Pre Rinse Cycle - COLD or WARM to remove any solids or excess urine prior to the main wash - use small amount of detergent with the pre-wash cycle

  4. Follow with a WARM, LONG or HEAVY cycle  (Maximum 60 degrees) with your chosen detergent

    Please note - Baby Beehinds advise using the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer on the packaging

  5. Line or tumble dry on LOW


    • Remove inserts from pockets, secure velcro laundry tabs on covers, all-in-ones and swim nappies to prevent catching prior to adding to the machine

    • Nappies can be washed with normal clothing after the pre-rinse cycle to bulk up the load for optimum performance 

    • Do NOT use any detergents which contain fabric softeners or chlorine based bleach

    • If you need to use a nappy rash or barrier cream that contains zinc or petroleum ensure you use a flushable or micro fleece nappy liner, to prevent residue sticking to the nappies and reducing their absorbency - use a mainstream detergent and hot wash to remove any excess creams

    • Choose the longest wash cycle on the machine for the main wash - short cycles will not give the best clean

    • Use the recommended dose of detergent on the detergent packaging


    • Wash every second day

    • If baby has very strong urine, give a quick rinse prior to putting into nappy bucket, this will dilute the urine in the nappy (sometimes, strong urine can degrade nappies if they are left too long in the bucket)

    • PUL covers can be cared for in the same manner as nappies, however it's recommended to wash them in a lingerie bag to keep them looking nice - do not expose PUL to heat over 60 degrees

    • If line drying nappies, try pegging the nappies 'horizontally' on the line, rather than 'vertically' - this way the weight of the wet nappy does not stretch the elastic whilst drying to keep the elastic in best condition

    • If tumble drying nappies, use the LOW setting only

    • Any nappies which contain natural fibres (bamboo/hemp) will require pre-washing to increase absorbency - they reach their best absorbency after 8 + washes, however it is fine to use them after the initial pre-washing

    • To pre-wash nappies, run them through a normal cycle 3 - 5 times (using detergent in the first cycle only)

    • There is no need to dry the nappies in between washes and no need for additional detergent

    • After these initial washes, dry the nappies and they're ready to go! 

    • Nappies can also be soaked overnight in cold plain water, followed by a regular wash cycle

    • No pre washing is required for PUL Covers, Swim Nappies, AI2 and Multi-fit Shells

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