Ju-Ju-Be New Releases


Tokidoki - Toki Retreat

Featuring Tokidoki characters (including Donutella, Sandy, Mozzarella and more) relaxing on loungers and yoga mats, meditating and steaming in hot springs, whilst surrounded by bamboo, lanterns and lily pads.

The print features a multicoloured ombre pastel background, layered beneath opaque palm fronds and flora. Lined in pale lilac and accentuated with rose gold hardware, with a collectible interchangeable character zipper pull.

Black Catwalk MBoss

Showcasing embossed leopard spots on a black background - a monochromatic coloration and textured fabric which is a subtle twist on the classic leopard print. Lined with cappuccino, Catwalk is adorned with shiny black chrome hardware.